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100 Tweets about Islam


  • Description: 100 tweets written in English by Dr. Naji Ibrahim al-Arfaj, may Allah reward him. These tweets address the non-Muslims with facts about Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be upon Him and His life.
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  • Date: October 25, 2017, 6:44 am
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Doctrines of the Twelver Shiite

The Ways of Allah with His Creation

The Rise of Commercial Centers - Problems and Solutions

The Reaction of People of Faith and People of Negligence to the Eclipse

The Epidemic of Electronic Games

The Meanings of Supplications

Rulings about Itikaaf

Hajj - Its Virtues and Benefits


  • Description: Contemplation is the key to the light of guidance, the starting point of certitude and the source of knowledge and understanding. A wise scholar once said, "Make your heart live by admonishments and enlighten it through contemplation." Many people know the virtue of contemplation but are unaware of its reality and fruits. However, few are those who actually contemplate. Allah Says, "And how many a sign within the heavens and earth do they pass over while they, there from, are turning away. And most of them believe not in Allah except while they associate others with Him."
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  • Date: August 25, 2017, 3:54 pm
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  • Description: Allah has created people with such precision and secrecy in a way that proves his unity. It includes love and hatred, anger and contentment, advancement and restraint, and all the various feelings and emotions of the humans. Muslim must advance in good and refrain from evil, especially in this day and age where trials and desires are in abundance. So the Muslims must have restraint that curbs him from these evils and helps him to stand opposition against them. So what is restraints and what are its various forms? What are the reasons of weakness in restrains? How can Muslim strengthen his restraints? All these questions will be answered in this book.
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How He Treated Them

  • Description: Today individuals find themselves in desperate need of guidance. Over the ages, Allah sent different Prophets to guide humanity and provide answers to the questions confronting man. The most important features of their mission was to explain the Divine laws and exemplify Divine wisdom, and thus, serve as role-models to their nations. This book shows how the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) introduced Islam in all of his cases: father, husband, neighbor, friend, seller, buyer, judge, ... etc. Thus he dealt with all kinds of people while showing the Islamic teachings in all cases.
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Being Considerate of Others’ Feelings

  • Description: Allah ordained this valuable religion for us and He perfected it. Islam is a comprehensive religion including the creed, forms of worship and the Muslim’s relationship with his Lord, his own self and others. The way of life provided in the Quran and the authentic Prophetic Sunnah is not limited to only creed and the slave’s relationship with his Lord. It goes further than that, and tells us to be well-mannered with Allah’s creation, kind and charitable to them and maintain a good relationship with them. So we find that Islam calls to be friendly with others, and to treat them well. This book is an attempt to show and illustrate these fields in details.
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  • Date: August 25, 2017, 3:16 pm
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Save your Family before They Burn

Appeasing Thoughts

The Fourty Nawawi Ahaadeeth


The Muslim Home - 40 Recommendations

Ruling on Participating in Non-Muslim Religious Celebrations

How to Read a Book

Dangers in the Home



Reliance on Allah

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